Available now for iPhone and iPad

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Available on the iPhone app store
Available on the iPad app store

About SoundZen

SoundZen is an iOS app that allows you to create amazing music using cellular logic and visual patterns, the result is an audio-visual symbiosis that's as addictive to watch as to listen to, turning digital music into art.

How to use

Simply tap on the grid to set off moving arrows that make a sound when they hit the side of the grid, or turn 90 degrees if they hit another arrow. Then you just sit back and listen as increasingly complex loops and phasing patterns form and fade in a constantly changing soundscape.

Overlay Instruments

SoundZen offers many different instruments including bass, acoustic guitar, piano and synthesizers so you can create full band musical pieces without learning any instruments

How to get it

SoundZen is free and available now for iPhone and iPad. SoundZen will run on all devices with iOS7 and above.

  • "It's hands-down some of the best fun I've had with any music app and it sounds great, too." Patrick, 'Weedshring'
  • "... a lovely sense of unpredictability and complexity about it. Sort of like a game of life with beats." just_martin
  • "Genius. There are so so many places you could go with this. My boy and I can't leave it alone." JazzCritic